Stealth Elf


Species: Elf
Gender: Female
Element: Life
Attacks/Actions: Blade Slash
Dragonfang Daggers
Arboreal Acrobatics
Elf Jitsu
Favorite Plant: Ambrosia
"Silent but Deadly!"
—Stealth Elf

Stealth Elf is an Elf Ninja in Skylanders: Spyro's Universe.

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As a small child, Stealth Elf awoke one morning inside the hollow of an old tree with no memory of how she got there. She was taken in by an unusually stealthy, ninja-like forest creature in the deep forest. Under his tutelage, she has spent the majority of her life training in the art of stealth fighting. After completing her training, she became a Skylander and set out into the world to uncover the mystery behind her origins.

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