Lightning Rod


Species: Storm Giant
Gender: Male
Element: Air
Attacks/Actions: Lightning Bolt
Grand Lightning Summoning
Zapper Field
Lightning Avatar
Favorite Plant: Fluffy Puffs
"One Strike and You're Out!"
—Lightning Rod

Lightning Rod is a Storm Giant in Skylanders: Spyro's Universe.

Story Edit

Lightning Rod once lived in the majestic Cloud Kingdom, where his countless acts of heroism along with his winning smile and electric physique made him the most famous storm giant in the realm. He was a true celebrity, and the palace halls were littered with statues of the chiseled hero. But all the praise and admiration could never quite satisfy Rod, who yearned for something more. As luck would have it, he met an adventurous young dragon named Spyro, who told him fantastic stories of faraway places and dangerous adventures. Rod was spellbound, and he set off with Spyro to seek an audience with Eon to join the Skylanders.

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